endurance vr


Steven King, Lee Trout, Daniel Sanchez




Unreal Engine, 360 Video


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It’s 1914. Ernest Shackleton is the captain of the Antarctic Exploration vessel, the Endurance. They have been trapped at sea in the ice for nine months and much of the past week has been dedicated to chipping away at the ice. The crew is exhausted and beginning to break. Everyone is tired. But fatigue is the least of your worries. Lead your crew through one of the most difficult survival experiences in history and make decisions that will decide if the 27 members of your crew and yourself live through the winter in Antarctica. Make life or death decisions, lead your crew in breaking the ice and carrying supplies, and set a course in the Waddell Sea for survival. This project is designed and built to be an interactive educational experience and will launch with the story’s first four episodes.