UNC Blue Sky Innovations

We're a team of innovators, business leaders, educators, and students working on applications of emerging technologies.


Our Work

We specialize in exciting new fields.

Robotics & Artificial Intelligence

AI provides the “smart” underlying technologies that enable better and more intuitive interactive experiences. The team uses AI to drive better retention, analysis, and seemingly endless variations of content. Our research in AI has been presented and published in the top computer science journals and conferences.

Augmented & Virtual Reality

We use visual 3D storytelling to immerse audiences in informative and instructional experiences based on real-life interactions. Our simulated, virtual environments help audiences to grasp new concepts. We recently completed an AR app for Hololens that uses Facial Recognition technology.

BlockChain & CRYPTO

Despite all the hype and volatility around crypto there are helpful and endless possibilities for the underyling technology. Our work leveraging blockchain as a tool will help multiple industries manage assets and deliver safer and faster products. We are also leveraging crypto inside our metaverse projects in unique ways.

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Partnerships and Clients

Here's what we've been working on.

Robot Journalist
AI Journalist
Media Advisor

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